Monday, March 7, 2011

Is a Food Shortage in America Inevitable?

Unfortunately the way things are run today a food shortage in the land of plenty is coming. The food shortage will not be because the weather conditions threatened crops and caused less production. The animals will be perfectly healthy and they will multiply when they are allowed to. The problem that is going to set this country up for failure is going to come from our own government rules and regulations. We simply are going to be forced into a shortage of food products by the rules we have established.

Most of the products that we do manage to produce are exported to other countries. Do not blame the farmer for participating in the exportation of goods. The farmer has to have money to pay for their land, and their equipment, and the labor it takes to raise all that they produce. They also have to pay all of those taxes like everyone else. These are Land taxes, unemployment taxes, sales and use taxes, quarterly employee taxes, inventory taxes, and income taxes. When these people can sell their product for a higher rate they are going to. You really cannot fault them for doing so.

The government also controls what foods are produced and the amount of the food that is produced. They do not want too much of one food raised because that would cause the prices of the food to drop and the farmer would then have more problems. They would be raising more but earning less. The government has a solution to this problem in the form of subsidies. They actually pay the farmer to not grow a certain crop. The farmer can make the money and never break a sweat doing so. Who in their right mind would say no to that scenario? Money for not doing something would be most people's idea of a dream come true.

A lot of the people who have been watching the rising food prices and the problems that are happening around the world suggest that in April of 2012 the American population will see the price of food rise so high that they cannot afford to eat.

Experts in this area are suggesting that people take stock of their food pantries and try to prepare for these rising prices. If you can prepare yourself to the point that you can feed your family for a few months with very few purchases from a store you will make it through the food shortage period just fine.

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